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Secretariat of Central Child Justice Committee
Shreemahal, Lalitpur

Terms of Reference (TOR) for Developing a Short Video Documentary

1. Background: Central Child Justice Committee (CCJC) (previously known as Child Justice Coordination Committee) has been recognized as a statutory body under the Act Relating to Children, 2075 (2018) that constitutes of high level members formed under the Chairpersonship of Honorable Justice of Supreme Court of Nepal, especially for effective coordination among all concerned government as well as non-governmental agencies working in the field of child rights and justice in Nepal. The Secretariat of the Central Child Justice Committee is situated at Shreemahal, Lalitpur. It is responsible to carry out the decision and other activities as prescribed by the Central Child Justice Committee. The Secretariat has conducted various activities for ensuring child justice in Nepal with the support of UNICEF-Nepal.
2. Objective of the Assignment: The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce a short video documentary capturing the entire process of Juvenile Justice System in Nepal and a short animation clip for increasing awareness regarding child rights.
3. Timing and Duration: The project should be completed within one and half months starting tentatively from November 14, 2021. The consultant will require to work in various institutions involved in administration of child justice in Nepal within Kathmandu Valley. The breakdown of the working days are as follows:
Script writing and finalizing (short video documentary and clip/animation) 20 days
Field Visit to capture video and interview 15 days
Editing/Mixing/Subtitle/Preparation of the Documentary 7 days
Finalizing the Documentary after incorporating suggestions 3 days
4. Location: Kathmandu Valley
5. Methodology and responsibilities:
The consultant will carry out the following duties and responsibilities during the course of assignment:-
• Discuss with the Secretariat and experts and develop and share the concept and script of the short video documentary and short clip/animation for social media coverage. The length of the short video documentary should be around 40 to 45 minutes. Likewise, the length of the short clip/animation for social media coverage should be around 3 minutes.
• The script, stories and themes of the documentary and the short clip/animation should be finalized by the Secretariat.
• Consultant should visit various institutions, located within Kathmandu Valley, which are responsible for the administration of child justice in Nepal. They should shoot videos/record interviews of such relevant institution or authorities for the purpose of the documentary. The Secretariat should make necessary arrangement for ensuring their access to those institutions.
• The Consultant should be very sensitive about the privacy of the children while visiting the child correction home/observation units/office of public prosecutor/courts. The identity of the children should not be disclosed in any circumstances and any information gathered during the course of preparing documentary should be kept confidential and should not be disclosed or published without the permission from the respective institution or authority.
• The consultant should share the final draft of the short video documentary and clip/animation with the Secretariat. The short video documentary and clip/animation would be finalized by the consultant after incorporating the suggestion or feedback from the Secretariat, if any.
• The consultant should be very sensitive and respectful towards the children while preparing the documentary or short clip. Derogatory and discriminatory language and behavior against children is strictly prohibited.
• The consultant should submit the final short video documentary and clip/animation to the Secretariat within the deadline, i.e. 28th December, 2021.
6. Deliverables:
The consultant will provide the following key deliverables for this assignment:
6.1 Submit the concept and script of the short video documentary and clip/animation within the 20 days of the signing the agreement. The language of the script for the documentary or clip/animation could be either English or Nepali. However, if the script is in English Language there should be a Nepali subtitle in the video/clip/animation and vice versa.
6.2 Submit the draft short video documentary (around 40 to 45 minutes long) and clip/animation (around 3 minutes long) by 25th December, 2021.
6.3 Submit the final short video documentary and clip (around 40 to 45 minutes long) and clip/animation (around 3 minutes long) by 28th December, 2021 in 1080p (HD) resolution after incorporating the suggestions and feedback of the Secretariat.
6.4 The short video documentary should capture the entire/major process of the juvenile justice system in Nepal.
6.5 Short clip/animation should incorporate content that increases awareness regarding child rights/justice in Nepal.
7. Qualifications and experiences:
One expert or firm/company will be hired for this assignment. The expert or firm/company should have following qualifications and experiences for this task:
• At least 3 years documentary or short movie making experience in social issues.
• Experience of outstanding videography, sound mixing, editing skills and producing quality documentaries or short video/clips.
• The expert or firm/company must have sufficient equipment to complete the task.
• The expert or firm/company must be registered in VAT.
• The expert or firm/company must submit the sample of past short video documentary or short movies/clips.
8. How to apply:
Interested individual or firms/companies are encouraged to submit Expression of interest along with following information and documents:
i. Letter of interest.
ii. Financial proposal along with detail budget breakdown of the documentary and short clip/animation production.
iii. CV
iv. Copy of VAT registration certificate
v. List of the production equipment available in the firm/company or with the individual applicant.
vi. Lists of similar projects carried out in the past.
vii. If EOI submitting through firm/company please submit firm/company's legal
Registration, VAT registration, Tax Clearance Certificate of FY 2077/78.
9. Deadline:
The application along with all the documents mentioned above should be submitted to the Secretariat of Central Child Justice Committee physically or by email at info@cjcc.gov.np within 9th November, 2021.
10. Miscellaneous:
i) The Secretariat of Central Child Justice Committee reserves all right to qualify or disqualify any or all of the applications and will not be obliged to give any reasons in either case.
ii) The Secretariat of Central Child Justice Committee alone reserves all right, title and interest including all related intellectual property rights, in and to all the matters of the documentary and short clip/animation.

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