Roles and Duties

The fundamental Role of Committee is Strengthening Child Justice System working in close coordination with line agencies with the line agencies working for Child Rights and Child Justice. The functions, duties and rights of the Committee are:

(a) Offering necessary advice and suggestions to the Government of Nepal,provincial governments and the local level for introducing legal and policy provisions for the strengthening and development of child justice system,

(b) Requesting universities, Government of Nepal, provincial governments, and the local level for including child rights and child justice as topics in the curriculums of Nepal’s universities, schools and educational institutions,

(c) Guiding, coordinating and collaborating with the national and international organizations operating in Nepal in the child rights and child justice sectors, as is necessary,

(d) Conducting, and causing to conduct, capacity-building programmes for informing the governmental and nongovernmental individuals and organizations engaged in the child justice sector about the innovative perspectives and programmes developed in the context of child justice in order to administer child justice in an efficient, speedy and effective manner,

(e) Performing, and causing to perform, supervision and management-related activities related to the standard of services and tasks performed by agencies or authorities engaged in administration of child justice,

(f) Monitoring, supervising, and providing appropriate guidance to the District Child Justice Committees, child correction homes or other agencies engaged in the child justice sector,

(g) Conducting necessary studies and research on child rights and child justice and publishing books, reference materials, journals, etc,

(h) Conducting and causing to conduct various training and awareness-raising programmes in relation to child rights and child justice,

(i) Offering necessary suggestions or recommendations to the agencies concerned for solving problems related to administration of child justice,

(j) Determining standards related to the operation of child correction homes and observation cells and providing guidance for their execution,

(k) Giving necessary instructions for effective enforcement of the Act.The secretariat shall function as a focal point for, among others, child courts, child correction homes, and District Child Justice Committees.

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